Quality Move in Chicago, Illinois - Damaged furnture, walls and floors

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Hired movers to move our furnture from a 4000sq ft house.They show up with a small truck and 2 inexperience foreign exchange studenst who spoke no english. We were quoted approx $800.00 and 6 hrs to move us.

At the end of the day 6 hrs later the bill was doubled and the movers wanted me to go to an ATM at 1:30 in the am and get cash to pay them. Our agreement was credit card. Almost every piece of furniture was damaged including our washer, dryer. Walls had long scratches and the hardwood floor had been scratched due to them dragging furniture across the floor.

Also caught one of them dragging our wooden dinning table across the drive way. They were inexperience and careless. I tried contacting the company, all I got was double talk. I tried to file a claim with numerous pics that I had taken.

I am feeling very frustrated at this time. I even contacted the BBB and FTC. The company said I did not pay in full. I have proof from my CC company that I paid infull.

I would just like to let everyone know please do not use this company. They should be put out of business

Monetary Loss: $8129.

Quality Move in Washington, District Of Columbia - DO NOT USE Qualitity Move Co. in Chicago

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This company Quality Move Co. (USDOT# 1564772 ILCC# 143263 MC MC# 570385) is a "low and uneven" quality company, and you get what you paid for.

In the beginning everything is great. Their "relocation specialist" is very quick to send you a quote based on the information you provide them. They follow up with you after a few days and they are very professional, they will email you to confirm any changes and even if the changes are minimal you can expect to have an email trail of the process which guarantees that everything that was agreed upon will be followed through. Once you agree to start the process by paying 10% of the initial quoted price you no longer deal with the same person.

You get another representative and the personal touch goes out the window, the previous sales representative would seem to get interested in your reasons for moving and come up with a plan to help you through the stress of relocating. The new representative does not have a clue of what's going and does not pretend to care, they only know that you are scheduled for a move on a certain date and you've paid your initial fee. Since one has more important things to worry about during the move one tends to brush it off since a percentage has been paid anyway, what a mistake. Their movers show up for pick up right on time; they mark and load everything and settle any discrepancy with the original quote.

After a delivery day has been set, that's when the nightmare begins! The truck that delivers your stuff is late; mine was about 30 days late!!!! When you call their customer service department they tell you that the truck it's on its way and they overpromise so you can stay calm. Oh, and remember when they would send you an email confirmation of any change made or agreed upon over the telephone, well no more of that!

I would ask the representatives to please send me an email confirming what we had just agreed upon and their reply was, "well we don't do that sir." So when they fail to uphold their side of the agreement it was your word against theirs and nothing to prove the agreement. Also, when they finally arrive, they do so in this HUGE truck that does not fit anywhere, and since they cannot get it close to you they are going to have to charge you for the extra distance.

The worst offender in their team is this guy name Eddie.

A Moving Experience with Quality Move CO.

Not resolved

My experience:

1) Received furniture 23 days after first available day to receive

2) Basically lived with Aunt and Uncle until furniture arrived

3) Received only a few call backs when I was told they would call back multiple times

4) Was told I was being unreasonable and it was not their fault

5) Most important information about process and charges were brought up after furniture was loaded into truck

6) For pick-up, movers were around 12 hours later than expected

7) Did not receive any paperwork or documentation, when asked was told it was company property and would be mailed/faxed after furniture had been dropped off and all money was received

8) I felt customer service was less than expected

9) Paid $75 over original quoted price

10) At drop-off some items were damaged: few boxes crushed, plastic bin shredded, leather wrestling dummy's arm seam ripped

11) Contacted about possible legal action regarding review

12) Company asked for photos of damaged items so they can reimburse me for these damages

Due to legal issues review has been edited to just facts

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